NNC Members get Life Membership with NHITI

I am pleased to announce that the members of the NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter (NNC) http://nachinat.com were today approved Charter Life Membership with the National Home Inspection Technical Institute. (NHITI) www.nhiti.org

All current NNC members and those that sign up between now and the end of February 2007 will receive this charter life membership. Subscription to NHITI is expected to be at least $89.95 per year once offered to the public and right now this offer is exclusive to NNC members only. To join NNC go to http://nachinat.com/join.aspx

In addition effective 1 March 2007 the Charter Life Membership program with the NNC ends. Anyone who signs up after 28 February 2007 will have annual dues.

As an added “Superbowl Bonus”, anyone may join the NNC and NHITI (as chartered Life Time Members) until midnight 28 February 2007 for the advertised $25.00. **You need not be a member of NACHI to enjoy this great business offer. **

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Email

Do we, NNC, have to sign up and enter a password
at the new NHITI web site?


I have already entered all of the NNC members into the NHITI system. I will be sending an email out to everyone with their individual username and password.

This username and password can be changed by each individual to something more meaningful or rememberable to them.


The User Name and Password has been sent out to all 200 + NNC members for access to the members only section of NHITI.

What a bonus!..thanks, John.:smiley:

Still no email here.


I just sent you a follow-up email. They were both sent to your info@texas etc. address.

Your welcome Larry,

Your not gonna believe the information that is being put together for the National Home Inspection Technical Institute. I’m even stunned. I hope it all comes together nice and smoothly.

I truly believe that this institute will be a great alternative. What better benefit can you think of than continuously updated reference material and education. Bowman’s Guide alone will be a source of great wealth. Unlike other manuals, guides, or training material this will be available to you at all times and will be continously monitored and updated.

If I’m not careful this Institute will make belonging to an association or society a thing of the past. :smiley: Perhaps it will be the answer for those that are turned away from associations that cap membership.

God Bless membership capping. I love it.

Benefits of belonging to the National Home Inspection Technical Institute:

Its a learning and reference area dedicated to its members and their business opportunities only.

We don’t care about enforcement or creation of COE’s and SOP’s. Your own business practices should already dictate that for you in addition to the standards established by state laws or regulations. (We will address industry-wide standards).

The bulletin board is monitored.

The Institute is not an association, society, or chapter. No power struggles, no arguing over simpleton things, just good ole straight forward knowledge, training, and tips to assist you in becoming successful. You take from it what you want and no vendors or systems will be force fed. :smiley:

**MARK **

**YOUR **



**John Bowman **
**Executive Director **
National Association of Certified Home Inspector’s

Presentation on:

“The History of the Home Inspection Industry and its Future”.

February 19th, 2007

6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

**TIME: 6:30 P.M. **
DATE: 19 February, 2007
PLACE: On-Line at the Professional Home Inspector Bulletin Board (Pre-registrations are required)

WHO IS INVITED: All Home Inspectors (and other interested individuals, i.e., Realtors, Brokers, etc.)

HOW DOES IT WORK: All participants must either register or have been registered on the link above and sign up under the appropriate thread. Approximately 5 to 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting a link will be provided (via email) for participants to review prior to the meeting. This meeting has been sponsored by The Merrell Institute, The National Home Inspection Technical Institute, The NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter, The NY Metro Chapter, and The Long Island Chapter.

Got the email from you John… thanks.

What thread is it on the forum that we are
to sign up at?

I went to one thread and it appeared to be
talking about a previous meeting.

John M.,

Bill Merrell will have it up shortly.



The message site is up and running and all those in the system have been sent an e-mail as well confirming the date and time- We will send out a final e-mail 3 days before the event to ake sure each person who wanted to attend actually attends- Think of it as a friendly reminder, and not as an annoying e-mail.

More to follow…

Here is a video announcement I just made. If it doesn’t show up right away be patient and check back in a few minutes.


Who is that in the video? More importantly, what’s up with the upper patio door head joint directly behind the person in the video?

That’s called an unfinished trim job. Something on my “honey-do” lists yet to be done.

I dislike that door and will be getting a different one. Fortunately its in my space, so there is no big hurry.

Don’t forget that this super deal will end at midnight 28 February 2007. After that anyone who joins will have yearly subscription costs.

This is a one time shot for Charter status.

To join the NACHI National Chapter (NNC) and the National Home Inspection Technical Institute (NHITI) as Lifetime Charter members for a one time ridiculous fee of $25.00 go to http://nachinat.com/join.aspx for an easy link to the paypal account.

This offer is available to anyone. You need not be an inspector or a member of NACHI to join the NNC or NHITI. (For this one time deal use the for NACHI members only sign up link)

Only nine days left. Over 210 inspectors have joined in.

Some upcoming talks and considerations:

NNC will be preparing individual Biography pages for each inspector. These biography pages may include:

Education: Were you a graduate of a HI School or perhaps hold a degree in engineering. How about Real Estate School. Tout your schooling to Realtors and future clients. The NNC will be taking the meaning of chapter to a new level. This chapter will be totally dedicated to you and your business.

Continuing Education: One of the things that bothers me is that we all tout our continuing educations requirements, but we don’t normally put it out there in the open for our clients to review. Here is your opportunity to have a page that accomplishes that for you.

Experience: Perhaps you are new but…Here is your opportunity to list your past experiences and accomplishments.

The possibilities are endless. For those that do not have a website, this would be your opportunity to get web exposure for life for $25.00. You control the information provided.

Within the next couple of days I will have an example up on the http://nachinat.com site for you to review.

Remember that the $25.00 fee also gets you a lifetime subscription to www.nhiti.org An 89.95/yr value.

Tonights NACHI National Chapter/Merrell Institute/National Home Inspector Technical Institute/NY LI Chapter meeting was a resounding success. At conclusion this is what the numbers looked like for the on-line meeting portion. (Does not include the actual presentation).
2 hours, 2000 + hits, over 80 attendees and over 200 questions/comments! It was a Great Meeting!!!
I sincerely hope that all NACHI National Chapter Members and NHITI subscribers can join us at our next meeting sometime around the middle of March, 2007.
Tonights presentation was given by myself and centered around the History of the Home Inspection Industry - Past, Present, and Future. Our next meeting will be on Site Drainage.
The meeting tonight was good for 2 NACHI CE’s, and was absolutely free to anyone. Membership in the NNC, NHITI, NACHI, etc. was not required.
A huge thank-you to Merrell Institute for their assistance in presentation of these courses. Thank-you Bill.

Only 7 days left. Membership Dues for the NACHI National “On-Line” chapter will become 50.00 per year and NHITI will become 85.95 per year.

23 February, 2007

The NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter (NNC) now services 255 inspectors from across North America.

Only 5 days left…to join under the $25.00 special.

Since January we have held two on line meetings with training for a total of 4 NACHI CE’s for our Chapter membership. Total cost of the meetings to our members -

$0.00 - Absolutely Free.