No acess ,unknown?

A Client of mine got there roof to wall connection credit removed by an auditor, So we broke out the tools!straps.jpg


I pull soffits, it is easier:twisted:

I agree with John. However, if that had to be done, the auditor made the right call. It now goes back to the owner to show proof, and the only way to do that is to remove something.

no soffit to pull…i agree, no fault by the auditor

I don’t pull soffit , but I have had some clients do it.

Looks more like a retrofit upgrade going on.

Clips to double-straps!

For some reason the picture was very small. If any of you have to do stuff like that on the SE coast I have a buddie who would love to fix that kind of stuff. Contact me and I will give you his number.

Dennis how did you stay put on that vertical wall in the picture?

im a jedi