No birdsmouth in rafters

I have been helping my carpenter build my log home. it turned into a log home with a regular stlyle house on top of it due to time constraints. I live way up in northern ontarion and have little access to building material this time of year. we get our supplies on the winter road.

My question is : the rafters are missing the birdsmouth. the size of the houe is 32 X 48 and I have a walk in attic space that is 8 feet wide and runs the lenght of the house. the rafter sits on the outside wall and on this attic wall and then connects on the ridge board.

i used 2x8 as rafters and already installed 10 of both front and back on the house. the middle will have perpendicular roof peaks that are smaller and have 2x6 rafters.

Q) how do you support the rafters without the birdmouth.

I will add some pictures later today.

Rafters should have 1-1/2" of bearing at the support points, or the wood can get crushed. Thats the purpose of the birdsmouth cutout.