No boots on the ground??

Tell that to the 1000+ guys and their families walking (on the ground with boots on) over there at this moment.
All just the dem spin to try keep the base voting for more free birth control, abortions, cells phones, food stamps, oops… debit cards, housing,…the list goes on… Mix another drum of kool-aid… Who likes cherry?

Sam, you forgot about the free dope…
Obamacare Allows Welfare Recipients To Use EBT Debit Cards To Buy Pot

The “Choom Gang” president has his watch set to 4:20

The Washington Times reports that Welfare recipients can’t use their EBT cards at liquor stores but they can at marijuana dispensaries in states such as Colorado that have legalized pot, Sen. Jeff Sessions revealed Tuesday.
The Obama administration has given itself broad latitude to interpret and implement provision of Obamacare.
The Alabama Republican announced that he was drafting legislation to close the welfare-for-weed loophole after the ( confirmed to him that marijuana shops were not off limits to EBT cards, which replaced food stamps, or other federal benefits. President Your President

The Democrats do for sure :frowning:

They ought to blow them to hell without endangering so much as one of our pilots. All drowns right up ISIS’s a s s.

Funny thing is now my phone that had a ISIS digital wallet even announced they changed their name today. Who can blame them…

No one should get it FREE but Folks should be allowed to use it as medicine for sure.

Way less side effects than 99% of the crap they poison us with.

I am not a marijuana user but I support Americans rights to chose their own medicine for sure and have NO PROBLEM with anyone who chose to use it. I would rather hang out with folks who self medicate or recreationally use that over pills or alcohol any day.

I do drink and I do take pain meds for my Foot and knee and still feel that way :slight_smile:

The Florida medical pot law will overwhelmingly pass this year.

Goodbye Orange Groves…Hello Pot Groves! :slight_smile:


I don’t partake, but I’m in favor of states enacting any laws that are in conflict with federal law. The more we hammer home the point that the federal government has no say over states, the better our country will be.

I agree :slight_smile:

Can we keep this crap in the NFE forum where it belongs?

alrighty :roll: