No clue what I am looking at?

So there may be a obvious and simple answer however why lie. I GOT NO CLUE WHAT THIS IS AND NO CLUE WHAT TO EVEN GOOGLE. I saw like 3-4 of them around the exterior of the home. So first one to answer correctly WINSS umm my thanks?!?!?



Looks like a vent.

A vent I figure but for what I couldn’t figure out and since multiple I am not sure what they would be for. I thought plumbing because there is no vent stack. Each bathroom has a very small vent (like 1 inch) coming out wall above window. So I am telling myself that isn’t it. I could not see these from the basement either.

A cover for those poison tube things? (for termites, etc…)

Did you try to open it up?


I don’t believe it’s a vent at all. I’m pretty sure it is a mounting block for a exterior fixture or outlet.

Access to termite/insect chemical tubes?

Bingo Tim!

Tim wins. Not sure what the point of this install was, interesting location. Would be curious if there was anything under the cover. The center section pops out on these.

Builders Edge Surface Blocks decoratively provide a level and waterproof surface for all exterior fixtures.
For installing fixtures after the siding has been applied to the home.

If the cap was taken off it would have made it clear to you. There would have been something behind them. I.E. an electrical box or an anchoring system. My guess would be either path lighting or a deck anchor.

I thank everyone for the feedback. This was a foreclosure and there was a incomplete project happening in the basement to finish it off and there was a lot of unfinished electrical so I am sure that is it. I have passed this on to the client as well. Thanks again it is great to get the assist.