No Dishwasher High Loop Drain

Ok, this is weird. The kitchen sink is against the exterior wall, and the dishwasher is located inside of an island right above where you see the dishwasher drain. A regular high loop drain would be connected to the kitchen sink plumbing whenever the dishwasher is next to the sink. However, this installation does not have a High loop drain and the drain goes straight through the floor and ties into the kitchen sink drain. Although I am not a fan of the installation, it is trapped and I don’t see any possibility of backflow problems. Any Licensed Plumbers in here? What are your thoughts?

Until a “licensed” plumber shows up here is something to ponder: every p-trap should be vented. Don’t forget an air-gap or high-loop, depending on your local codes.


I see a high loop backflow preventer on the dishwasher drain line above a water trap.
Missing trap cleanout.

Is that poly-B potable domestic supply tubing?

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Why not consult a local plumber?


That was done by a “local” plumber :smiley:

I doubt that. Even the worst plumbers should have a better primer and glue joint.

He was just making sure he primed it real good!

Yup even got the outside of the fittings for good measure.

I fixed it for you, Simon. :joy:


Looks ok to me…