No filter? Age?

I wanted to verify that I did not see some kind of oil filter.

No filter noted at oil tank. No filter noted at the gun.

Does the oil burner have a filter that I am not aware of?

Here is why I ask- Early this year a tech was called in because the boiler was a “no go” (as per his ticket). He replaced the nozzle and made some “adjustment” and managed to get it going. Even though the oil tank is about 30 feet away should he have check the filter?

Also what is the age of this boiler. I do have an email to Slant Fin.
Serial Number is 2221434

I hope I explained myself clearly, !IMG_2077

Thanks, Mark

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Oil line appears to be embedded in the concrete floor. Did you mention that?


Mark, it needs a filter and if that copper tubing is going, unprotected, into the concrete, it will corrode.

Also, if there is ANY rust on the tank, especially the bottom, refer it our for assessment by a qualified oil tank specialist, because they rust from the inside out…water in tanks sits on the bottom.

This is the only aging chart that I found but it doesn’t seem to have your serial number type:

Was the an ANSI code on it? Typically the age of the unit is within 3-4 years of the ansi date.

Hope this helps. :smile:


I would guess somewhere around 2005. Also looks like a 15 year old boiler.


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Good catch by all. There could or could have been so many problems with this heating setup.

I called out the oil tank because it not only was a side feed, but was patch and painted around the feed pipe.

I called the heating unit as older, with possible the hot water coil may have been replaced and other components replaced , copper pipes and possible some of the cast iron pipes (note the elbows were not circa the house age of 1950)

Of course the expansion tank was replaced.

Some of the electrical may have been rewired.

Flue pipe.

Might make for good teaching photos.

Thanks again, Mark

The boiler with serial number 2221434 was sold to Bender Plumbing in the US in December of 2016.

Thanks Junior Fudge.

This makes sense. It was confirmed by Slant Fin the date, but I didn’t know about Bender!

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You’re welcome! :grinning:

With a technician having looked at it recently, I also would have thought I might have missed something unknown. Sometimes an obvious omission goes unnoticed.

Thanks for sharing, @mgiangarra!