No fly zone what a bummer

We had a large IR job this week and we took the drone to try and get some roof shots for an up date on the Web site. I did not know until we arrive there is a large airport less than a 1/4 mile from where we were located. No chance to fly!!! but it was a nice IR job anyway had a bucket load of electrical panels 1.5 million SQ FT of automated warehouse.

Do you pull the panel covers or do you bring an electrician out with you to remove them? Just asking because whenever I do Industrial/Commercial I have an electrician at my side.

No sir on commercial the client provides the electricians I pull no covers. I always request two, one to pull and one to replace. I get paid by the job not by the hour. Time is of the essence;-):wink:

You need somebody from on-site that knows what components are and where they go to or you will be there all day.

Well I was there two days with using the contract electricians that do all their maintenance work. They have no in house electricians.