No Foundation Bolts

Check out htis photo of how much this sill plate has moved, you may want to keepthis to remind you of how important foundation bolts… Any Comments Welcome…

Second 008.jpg

Hmm, Im wondering if that is a previous termite repair and the contractor skipped the bolting part. I bet that sucker is cut clean off underneath that.

Recommend a contractor pop a few nails in it.

Well I hues I forgot to tell you that the house was built in 1915, the floor was so bad I got motion sickness just walking through the house…LOL

I don’t think anyone buying a 1915 house should expect foundation bolts. How did you word your recommendation?

That photo doesn’t look like a sill plate location.

Was this at the perimeter or an interior beam?

Here is one method I have seen used, not for seismic though, just to assure the purchaser.

There was larger problems than the foundation bolts with this house, I was not able to consult the buyer so I jusat stated my observations… Though the photo is not of the exterior perimeter wall this is still a sill plate for an area in the center of the house… Check out the photo of the bigger problem

Bigger Problem? Looks as thought the HVAC Ducting is being pinched off for one.