No ground on bar??

Can someone verify that I am not seeing a ground or ground jumper from right side to left? The electrical has been updated to just past the electrical panel. All outlets in home still have old 2 wiring to all outlets so I can’t test for the ground. Thanks for your feedback.

I see the strap in the middle.

That’s going back into the conduit towards the meter.

Not the braided copper.

The gray strap from left to right. look closer

That doesn’t connect the two ground/neutral bars. There’s three main black coming in, two to hot and 1 to ground (on the right bar, with lug over from 220 breaker). But there is nothing connecting the left bar that is un-grounded to the right side ground/neutral bar, that I can see.

Does this help?

I see the strap from left side connected to panel which is grounded.

I agree, It is there…

I got it now. Thanks