No help from helmets

Buried my Nephew yesterday. A broad side hit at 70 MPH leaves no chance

Sorry for Your loss Partner…people just don’t seem to pay attention when they are driving anymore…

That’s terrible. Prayers to you and your family Charley.

I am so sorry.

We are so sorry to hear of your loss Charley.

I’m sorry for your, and your family’s, loss Charley.

Prayers for Jacob’s family and those that loved him…

Prayers to you and yours.

3 years ago this month I was in a motorcycle accident that nobody expected I would have survived. Walked away. Made me realize the important things in life.

Sorry for your loss.

I’m sorry to hear of your loss. :frowning:

Oh Charley, I’m so sorry.

Sorry for your loss Charley

I’m sorry to hear such sad news Charlie. My condolences to the family.

This happens far too often with vehicles failing to yield to motorcycles.

So sorry for you loss Charlie.

It seems to happen more and more, with people paying more attention to what doesn’t matter, instead of paying attention to what does.

I am sorry for you and your families loss Charley.

That’s why the wife and I gave up riding the full dresser. We couldn’t enjoy riding when we had to be continually so vigilant of the other lackadaisical drivers. :frowning:

My condolences for the immediate family Charley. Sorry to hear. :frowning:

I am sorry Charlie

Sorry to hear the news Charley, your family are in my payers.

I’m sorry to hear of this Charley. You and your family have been through a lot. The article didn’t say too much, which I understand in a way. It may not help much but you and your family are in our prayers as well.

Sorry Charlie…