No Idea at all

WTF were they thinking?

Hey Brian…
Maybe they were trying to preserve the image of their savior in the left insulation panel…look close!!!

They were thinking the same exact thing this builder was thinking…

they’re not much into looking outside i guess…

How could they be so stupid as to install the insulation backwards!!!:slight_smile:

Are those the outside and inside views of the same window??

They weren’t, and I bet it was a bedroom as well :frowning:



Well the conversation might have gone like this:

Her : honey we should do something about that window its kind of big and
I’m thinking perople could see right into our bedroom.

Him: Well… ya I’ll se how much it would cost to make it smaller.

some time later:

Him: Hey hon a new window is too much money but I go an idea… (see

Her Wow you are so smart…now I know why I married you!!!


Aww Cmon Brian, Don’t you know about them insulated windows everyone in talking about?

Time to start charging money!!

To funny!

He still needs to work on his tan!:smiley: :smiley: