No Installed Communication Wiring

I inspected a fix and flip and they didn’t install any Coax cables or any kind of communication wiring inside. There is a loose box that used to be attached to the wall that is now on the ground and there is a main hub in the back corner of the property. I’m not really sure what to tell the buyers. Will Comcast or other provider run new coax from the hub to a location inside the house? I know this is outside the SOP, but this is something I need to know. Thanks

Well, around here the cable company will certainly run any amount of wire necessary to get the house “online”.

FWIW, I never look for, or comment on, the presence or lack of CATV wiring. I tell the buyers to call the cable company, if they ask. Never had an issue.

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I’m with Dominic…The cable company wants your business and will run the wires to get you on their program…ing?

Cable companies around here have now gone to WiFi signals that just go straight to the Tv or to the box. No wires involved.

Big city?.. …

In the suburbs of Baltimore, so yes.

Yup! I had Fiber installed last year. Installed underground from the street to box on exterior wall. Hole in basement wall (my choice) for main hub/wifi and connection to telephone service. Everything is WiFi to three levels (with wireless extenders). Works awesome for less than half the price of what I was paying for Satellite/Landline phone/Internet service and 40+ times the internet speed!!!

Larry… Rural small town of 25K. New Fiber service being brought into town.

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Wow!.. …but not here yet… …I look forward to it… …thanks for the info, JJ. :+1:

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The NEC requires at least one communication outlet for new construction. A few years ago I wrote a proposal for a code change to eliminate this requirement because it was obsolete with the newest technology. The CMP disagreed with me and rejected my proposal but here in NJ they have eliminated it by local amendment. A flip being brought up to current code might require it depending on the jurisdiction.

800.156 Dwelling Unit Communications Outlet. For new construction, a minimum of one communications outlet shall be installed within the dwelling in a readily accessible area and
cabled to the service provider demarcation point.

5G is going to change the world, it’s already available in many areas and expanding fast.

Kids today would never be able to get their heads around dial-up

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Is the connection from the box to the home fiber as well? A new fiber company is finally coming to our area and are going to waffle stomp Mediacom. I’m just not sure I want to have to deal with redoing my yard after getting it to where I want. I’m also not sure if I should wait until all of the kinks are worked out before switching over.

The installing company installs boxes near every home along the street/alley, whether you take the fiber or not. If you want service to the home, (from the box to the home), they use what I call the “knife” method where the equipment cuts through the ground and installs the cable at the same time. There is very little remaining damage that needs repairing.

Thanks for the information.

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They can call the internet providers for their answer NOT you