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For the last few months many of the agents here in my local area have been saying the inventory of homes has been dropping at a radical rate. Today an agent told me there are less than 100 homes for sell in this city of 200,000. He has over 20 buyers but no homes to show them and today’s home I inspected had over 12 offers in 10 hours and went for 25 grand over the asking price!!!

Crazy times!!!

Are you saying the economy is great?


       **Stockton Real Estate & Homes For Sale**](,CA/reducedamt;d_sort#for_sale/Stockton,CA/SINGLE-FAMILY_HOME,CONDO,TOWNHOUSE,APARTMENT%7CCONDO%7CTOWNHOUSE_type/reducedamt;d_sort)

                     — 3,635              homes found

Modesto Real Estate & Homes For Sale](,CA/SINGLE-FAMILY_HOME,CONDO,TOWNHOUSE_type/reducedamt;d_sort)

                     — 2,384             homes found

Brion is in Ripon CA Chris…are your links posted related ?

Modesto is only 10 miles away. Stockton is 25. All well within a travel zone.

So what is the average selling price of homes there? If there are so many buyers and so little homes, they should be going for big bucks, and you should be able to command big bucks for your fee.

Ripon, CA:
Trulia- 184 homes listed
Zillow- 128 homes listed 139 homes listed 47 homes listed

Brian wrote in this city of 200,000. The population of Ripon was 14,297 at the 2010 census. So I posted the nearest cities with population of 200,000.

Yep… a common complaint I hear in SoCal as well… inventory is low, but there are buyers.

This was in Turlock, I am not from Ripon! I live in Modesto.

Your mistake.

Your profile location is Ripon.
You made no other distinction to indicate otherwise.

You bad!

It can’t be the economy; it just a shortage of homes in some areas. Thanks for sharing here at