No issue found during inspection

Is it common for a home built in 1967 to have zero issues reported on an inspection?


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Thanks, Marcel.

I didn’t think it was common. The first inspection reported zero problems with the home. I have had other homes inspected in the past, so an inspection with zero issues on a home of this age was a red flag. I expected to find at least a few minor issues, but NOTHING?

I hired a second inspector and they found several major issues.

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There usually is on a home of that age. People don’t keep their homes up to snuff 100% over the years. Mine is a 67 and I have receipts for over $55,000 in just repairs, upgrades etc., and I know there are still defects. You did well by getting a second inspection and hopefully it was an Inachi inspector. LOL


NOPE! A home from 1967 usually have quite a few things wrong. Did your inspector even show up? Ask for your money back


They were both inachi inspectors.

Yes, he showed up.

I asked for my money back and he not only refused, but he accused me of trying to use him to get out of the purchase contract.

I initiated a chargeback on the credit card and it’s in process now.

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That’s scary. They must have been bag boys in their previous live. LOL
I think a thorough background check on their qualifications and complaint to Inachi would be prudent.
You do realize they have access to this forum.

Yes, I realize they have access to this forum. I won’t file a complaint until the chargeback is complete. One step at a time :wink:

Good for you and I hope you get your money back.

Even after the chargeback is complete, I have no intention of calling anyone out on this public forum. I will let the inachi resolution process take its course.

What State are you located in?

Nick, did you sign an inspection agreement.

Mr. Hadley, by answering the above simple question you may be helping save untold numbers of unknowing potential buyers. In certain states there are oversight systems in place for this exact reason, for one…as well as InterNACHI. You may want to direct your concern to . He is the founder and would take this very seriously.

We take pride in our profession and you could help delete an incompetent inspector or at least maybe put him on hold until he is competent.

Thank you for considering what I said.

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@escanlan I am in TN

@mgoldenberg I digitally accepted an inspection agreement

@lkage The inspector personally attacked me when I requested a refund. I must assume that his objective is to incite a personal feud and claim my refund request is a personal vendetta and not a matter of service merchantability. I plan to file a complaint with the TN Comprehensive Online Regulatory & Enforcement System as well as email once the chargeback is complete.

My primary objective is the return of the money which was fraudulently charged to my account. I do not plan to take any further action until the chargeback process is complete.

If you want action, you’ll find it here,
Click on Home Inspector. Start around page 12.

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I’m curious how long he spent on your inspection?

I believe it was just under an hour

The inspection was scheduled for 9AM. He asked that I give him an hour before showing up so he wouldn’t be disturbed during the inspection. He called me just before 10AM and said he was finished.

I don’t know what time he actually arrived though, but I doubt it was before 9 because the realtor was scheduled to meet him there at 9.

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Can you describe the home? How large (Square Feet), one or two story, basement, etc.