No kidding... Coverups by Engineers? Never!;_ylt=AuoqPQXXUCkoRGiMc1H8Sn5H2ocA

To the A-Hole who gave me the red box, wake up.

Engineers are not without fault. Funny how many of them believe inspectors to be unprofessional and unethical.

Shoe’s on the other foot now, though.

As to the red box sender… Stuff it. Truth hurts.

Hey Joe, must have been an engineer;-) I read the story earlier and after listening to the engineers take on licensing in KS and their high ethics that puts them above the average inspector, and how they should be excluded, all I have so say is “BS”. The truth does hurt :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Joe,

Screw them.

I gave you a greenie to make up for your red.

good post Joe, The truth hurts how ever it is said.