No ladders required

My legs have grown thinking of selling my ladders but it also helps to have nice valley’s;-)

thats funny

Charley people like you should be in the circus. Lol

We’re gonna start calling you Stretch Bottger

you are a big, bad man!

Charley Stilts

Charley (Go-Go Gadget),

With those legs…What happens when you go to inspect the heating system?

Would you believe hinged knees;-)

Funny Charley.

Hey, is that a woven valley with Architectural Laminated shingles.

Manufacturers usually don’t recommend woven valleys with these shingles.

How did it look?:slight_smile:

Looked good it had a Texas cut not woven

Looked woven in the picture, that is why I asked, and blown it up 200%.

Could of fooled me I guess. :slight_smile:

That’s a new term for me Charley…what the heck is a Texas cut valley?

Slang for Calif, Okie talk

Ohhhhhh…That makes me comfortable because I thought I missed something all these years.


go- go gadget ladder legs.

Blind inspectors are like one legged inspectors there is no demand for them. Here is a closer look at the valley cut

OK, see it now. Wrong angle before.

Not blind yet Charley, pictures don’t always do one justice when taken in the wrong direction. :slight_smile:

Yes my friend I am just jerking your chain you see more with your eyes closed than most do with theirs open wide :smiley:

Hope you doing well, slow winter conditions here. :slight_smile: