No lights

Ok guys question on my own home? I have recessed lights in my basement and they just stopped working. I checked for power with one of the pen meters that just light up when you have power. I have power on the switch and both bulbs any ideas why im not getting lights. (YES I DID CHANGE THE BULBS):slight_smile:

First question is are you sure they are the right type of base on the bulbs?

Try a multimeter and check to see if you have power.
If not then just touch one contact to hot and other to ground and see if you get power then.

If so it is an open neutral.

Maybe the thermal protection switch is defective.

You said you have power on the switch… did you check the load side of the switch?


What size bulbs did you install…if the bulbs are too large the thermals could be tripping out.

Just wait to verify. They’ll come back on after it cools down adequately.

Shot in the dark here… (pun intended) Did you use CFL’s on a dimmer?

Another thing, your meter will light up even if there is weak power. Is is possible that you have a bad connection in a junction box, and getting low voltage?

Thanks guys for the reply’s. I would have responded sooner but I was away from my computer for the weekend. I will be trying some of those ideas out this weekend.