No main breaker

Can someone post a good narrative on the danger of no main breaker for main panel. Mines a little clunky.

The electrical service panel does not include a disconnect, which is required when there are more than six switches or breakers. A disconnect should be installed on the system by a qualified electrician.

Keep it simple…

"No main breaker observed at electric panel. Recommend evaluation and proper installation by a licensed electrician. To learn more on electrical safety, go here: "

I started placing article links in my reports. If they really want to know more, they can. This way it provides information, (no more than necessary) and communication is clear.


Why does the electrician need to evaluate the missing main breaker. It is required if there are more than six throws. It needs to be installed period. By the way, that link you posted says noting about having a main breaker with more than six throws. Might confuse the average person.