No Nails? No Problem!

If you run out of nails and screws, make sure you have some rope handy! :|.)

Okay, Chris Currins. Bring on the Hillbilly jokes! :mrgreen:

I dont think that qualifies as hillbilly or redneck…He should have used duct-tape…lol

Check that knot!

well, at some point they musta ran outta rope.

No problem. A stick wedged between the ceiling panel and ductwork works nicely! :shock:

Only in West Virginny!
Is that your place ?

So you got a rope AND a stick.; That shows a willingness to adapt to conditions (no more rope). This is the Robinson Crusoe method of building.

But they used their rope AND their stick!

Now how in the heck are they supposed to fish for bluegill and carp? :mrgreen: