No need to go any Further

I’m fine inspecting from the hatch cover.

I know the feeling. Way back in a crawl space, then I come across a nest like that. What the hell would I do if attacked? Makes me think I should carry a knife in an ankle holster sometimes!

Good move I always wore a mask for entering all attics .

Bat dung is also dangerous .

What is histoplasmosis and what causes it?

Histoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by a fungus calledHistoplasma capsulatum.

The infection usually affects the lungs and symptoms can vary greatly.It can sometimes affect other parts of the body, including the eyes, liver,central nervous system, skin, or adrenal glands. For example, “ocularhistoplasmosis syndrome” (also known as “presumed ocularhistoplasmosis”) is a condition that results in impaired vision (affectsthe eyes). Having a weakened immune system increases your risk for getting thisdisease (e.g., the very young, very old, or those with medical conditions thatlower the body’s resistance to infections).

The Histoplasma organism thrives in moderate temperatures, rich soil,and moist environments. Droppings from chickens, pigeons, starlings,blackbirds, and bats support its growth. Birds are not infected with it becauseof their high body temperatures, but they do carry it on their feathers. Batscan be infected because they have a lower body temperature than birds and canexcrete the organism in their droppings.

To multiply, Histoplasma capsulatum produces small spores calledconidia. The conidia of Histoplasma capsulatum are only two millionths of ameter (microns, μm) in diameter. When these conidia are inhaled, they are smallenough that they enter the lungs and start an infection. Many of theseinfections are easily overlooked because they either produce mild symptoms ornone at all. However, histoplasmosis can be severe and produce an illnesssimilar to tuberculosis.

did you report the hole where the debris came through
it’s usually birds find an opening & are too dumb to know their nest building is futile
aka attic beaver den

I had this pleasant surprise this morning. :ack!:

Some guys are lucky .
Been there done that unfortunately more than once .
Thanks for the reminder .

Roy C

David, you’re suppose to use the bathroom ;-).

Marcel… love it you are great .
Coffee on my Computer screen Thanks for the chuckle … Roy

Listing agent moved my ladder:shock: What was I supposed to do:D

You do realize that you’re supposed to poke it with a stick so that you can report whether it’s active or not.

I always thought it was best to sit there and monitor it. Although it could make you late for your next appointment.

I had a raccoon try to take my head off when I opened the attic hatch on an inspection two years ago(I just about fell off the ladder trying to pull away). Luck was with me, he didn’t hurt me but he was pissed off!

Found the exact same mound a couple weeks ago. Was right next to a gable vent that had a torn screen.
Never found out what it was.

It is most likely a bird’s nest. Could be many different types like pigeons, house sparrows and starlings, etc.