no one at south carolina

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icon_evil.gif about 4 weeks prior to the advertised south carolina meeting I e mailed nick to rsvp he replied with a thank you and such.I reserved a

motel for the week end,me and my wife took off work friday,we left early

fri morn.I drove for seven hours in constant hard driving rain, delayed

1/2 hour twice sitting in traffic due to wrecks,time was close.finally got to

the motel but it was the wrong marriott.we rushed to the other,checked

in hurried up got a shower,ran to the meeting and asked the lady at the

desk where the home inspection meeting was being held.she looked at me and said THAT HAS BEEN CANCELED. I dont know who was in charge

of this thing but they could not possibly be successful in buisness.I have

been in buisness for 17 years in my town and there is one thing everyone knows about me.I am where I say I will be when I say I will be

and how I say I will be.EVERY TIME.becous of this and doing very good work with a crew of six employees we can only do about half the calls I recieve. I fiqure between lodging,gas,food,and loss of work I have about

650.00 invested in visiting your meeting.someone could have at least showed up,OR AT LEAST PHONE CALL.