No online Xmas giveaway this year Nick?

Well??? Last year was great!

Did I hear x-mas presents??..:cool:

It has already been mentioned that there will be one.
Why the gloomy thread title?

No gloom…in the past we had like two weeks notice so we can take that day off thats all…

Huge. What day should we have it?

Any day but this Saturday (18th). My 19 yr old Marine son is coming home and getting married.

Next Tuesday.

Please thank your son for his service and congratulations on his marriage.

Not this Saturday then.

Tuesday sounds good to me.

Saturday is a heavy work day for Inspectors.
Middle of the week like Tuesday would be great in my opinion.

I like Tuesday

Radom days so that the busy Inspectors get a chance lolol .

Tuesday, 12/21 gets my vote…

I think spreading it out over multiple days and times is the most fair.

DAMNIT…I agree with Mike…man that soooo hurts to say…:slight_smile:

I’m thinking about changing my mind :wink:

LMAO…that was funny…

TUES works