No online Xmas giveaway this year Nick?

Tuesday sounds good to me.

Saturday is a heavy work day for Inspectors.
Middle of the week like Tuesday would be great in my opinion.

I like Tuesday

Radom days so that the busy Inspectors get a chance lolol .

Tuesday, 12/21 gets my vote…

I think spreading it out over multiple days and times is the most fair.

DAMNIT…I agree with Mike…man that soooo hurts to say…:slight_smile:

I’m thinking about changing my mind :wink:

LMAO…that was funny…

TUES works


Outta the frying pan and into the oven, huh?


Not exactly, he’s going to be between his infantry training and his MOS training. If he’s married, he gets paid quite a bit more, and they are more inclined to have him based out of the states as opposed to Japan. (Of course that doesn’t mean he won’t be deployed anywhere in the world.) Besides, my new daughter is a lot sweeter than a DI. :wink:

Maybe Tues then?

Tuesday is good for me

Tuesday would be fine for me.


I’d spread it out over the week during certain time frames so everyone gets a chance, Tuesday doesn’t work out for me

Same here…I also missed last year’s.


HO HO HO … see you on Tuesday!


Doesn’t work for me neither…