i keep seeing calinachi and now njnachi, but theres not panachi? whats up with that? has noone offered to set it up yet, or just dont want it in pa?

Well, why don’t you join InterNachi first, then start a PANachi.


ironiclly thats exactly what i was thinking, i am def joining once im done my schooling and practice inspections, so do you know how about creating said group?


State Associations are precluded under the current Legislation (2001). An Association must have Members in 10 States as a minimum qualifier.

There used to be PABI (Pennsylvania Association of Building Inspectors).

so what happened to the PABI???

Duh…They did not have Members in 10 States.

so then it is possible to open a paNACHI, is that just something you discuss with NACHI or is there applications and such that need to be filed??? PA needs some love

Adam -

Maybe Joseph will allow you to ride along on a few inspections…By doing so, you and he would be able to discuss in detail the minimum requirement (having members in 10 states) and how it relates to starting an organization here in PA!

no i understand the member in 10 state thing, but to start a branch of NACHI is what im curious about, for example, NJ has their own NACHI group now, and to be state specific i cant see the need for having members in 10 states, so therefor i figured it was a branch off of nachi state specific

PHIC does not have members in 10 different states…unless you count (1) the state of confusion, (2) the state of denial, (3) the state of duress…

Adam -

Join your local PA chapter of NACHI. This will save time trying to find members in 10 states…

PHIC is not a Home Inspection Organization.

They are a Coallition of Simple Minded ASHI and NAHI Members representing their protectionist principles under the guise of Consumer protection.


I meant to say “Similar Minded” however both seem to be accurate…:slight_smile:

Why re-invent the wheel when there is a Chapter in Philadelphia?

i can just see a chapter being called PA NACHI being a good source for the people whom have used nachi certified inspectors and refer them. Or have heard about NACHI and can see or meet there local inspectors instead of hoping there at a local meeting, in which i do intend to join, i was just curious on the ways of nachi is all…

Maybe Scott Gilligan will rename his Chapter PA NACHI for you.

Give him a call…

lol, that would be sweet… so not that im trying to undermind him or nothing, but what do you have to do to start your own chapter? i know for an organization youneed people in 10 states, but for a chapter, 10 counties :mrgreen: ???

Is this thread for real or is this really a big joke?

Panachi’s sound like something you’d order at an Italian restaurant. Sorta like ravioli’s :slight_smile:

LOL right…haha… no joke, just trying to learn, i saw a NJNACHI and just wondered why there was none here…