No Permits Wind Mit

House built in 1950 has never had a permit pulled. Client cant get insurance since I can not make up a date even though i do have go guess when it was done. Realtor is pressuring for a date and adding guess date with guestamite typed in. I dont have that option on the app. I can only pick 1 of 4 options and the correct option is “no info provided for compliance”. Anyone else run into this and what can be done here?

It happens frequently.
Check the appropriate box, and add the “estimated age…”, or “estimated year of upgrade…” or whatever comment you want to convey, to the form (many ways to do this, i.e. edit the PDF).
Then it’s up to the underwriter to either accept it or not.

That is a option. Concerned of legal and liability of misinformation.

And you should be. As long as you select the correct choice, the “properly worded” comment is optional and may be ignored anyway. It’s up to them to process it however they choose.

Thank you for the insight on this.