No power at the time of inspection

How has everyone taken the approach to inspecting a house if there is no power on, if the client wants you to do an inspection?

disclaim the electrical, offer to come back to inspect it once power is turned on for free or $$$ depending on your biz model & relationship with the client.

Tell them what you can (not can’t) inspect because of lack of power.
And do your inspection as you normally would do
In the electrical section in my report ( All parties would know this before hand). I Would state " This is a visual electrical inspection only" No power present at the time of this inspection…
Yep! Done it.

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I tell the client that I will inspect the home in the condition that I find it. So, if you have a thought that the power, gas, etc., may not be on you should contact your realtor to get a guaranty that they will be on because I charge X amount to make a return trip to inspect what was off, etc.

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I always send an conformation email where I remind them to have the utilities on… This cuts back on the problem…however… It’s silly to inspect a home without power…but sometimes it has to be done…usually dilapidated homes… or HUD. but if you have to come back, charge them what it’s worth…