no power

My dad passed away and they turned off the power and now there is power on the power co. told us they have not turned the power back on and the power is weak the stove will not work but the lights will work???

They may have turned off one phase only.

It is nothing to fool with ,but I am guessing that not all your light s are on.

What happened is they forgot to cover both hots with a plastic insulator sleeve .

This means half of your breaker panel is active and the other half is dead.

To make it easy, every other breaker is dead.

Sound right?

What get me is that i can go there in the day hours and there is no power but after around 6pm is when there is low power i have a buddy that works for alabama power and he told me this cannot happen

If I am wrong about the half power than , I have read somewhere about it being possible to draw power off ground from a neighbor with a leakage.

Hopefully a sparky will see this one.It gets complicated.

This is not at all uncommon, and is normally related to a loose or open connection for the service. Call the PoCo to have them check for a loose or open connection. It could also be on your end, so be prepared to call an electrician if the PoCo gives you the all clear.


Did you check all the breakers to make sure everything was “ON”?

Maybe the stove breaker is missing a handle tie and one side is tripped.

Huh? I don’t think you read the OP.

You are saying there is no power during the day, but during the nighttime, there is weak power. You also are saying that the POwer COmpany has your power shut off. I’m also assuming that you want the power off because the home is vacant. Am I correct on these three statements?
Is this a single-family home or is it a condo/apartment/townhome?

Let us know so we can help out more. If you don’t chime in, we start discussing among ourselves with an overload of information on the message board and you’ll get more confused.

Bob… I know where you’re going with the ‘ground’ stray voltage. The neighbor would have to have a bad neutral connection, putting voltage on their ground electrode (water pipe) and sending it to the next house (mirror image) via their water main.
The only way I see this being the cause here is if (if you can follow me ) Mirror’s neutral and grounding electrode conductor are bonded correctly at the main. The stray voltage travels up a neutral and finds a circuit that happens to have a light on it. When that switch is in the closed position, the voltage is able to continue on and find something else on that circuit with a small resistive load. Maybe a coffee machine that’s still plugged in or the fridge. The voltage then is able to jump back on the neutral back to the panel or where ever it has a bond to make it back to the originating transformer. I just don’t see this scenario being likely, unless, the branch circuit wiring was dome improperly somwhere along the way. I figure the stray voltage would just go through the bullseye to the transformer rather than take the long scenic route.
Maybe during the daytime, the neighbor isn’t home and there is less amperage drawn in their house. During the evening… more amperage, therefor, more amperage thrown towards Mirror’s house.


And just for the sake of it, because I know someone will bring it up…
yes, I know it is the grounded conductor and not the neutral . And yes, I know that the voltage doesn’t ‘travel up’ or ‘continue’ in one direction (it’s AC). I’m just typing this out in Lehman’s terms.

By the way, Mirror…

sorry to hear about your father.


The house is haunted. :twisted: Board it up and leave!:smiley:

It was a single family home and the po co said the power is off and this week end i went by and there at 1 pm saterday and there was power??? we are going to start to work on the house soon but we dont need no problems

Thanks it is hard to lose someone my mother is passed away and then my dad