No Protection

No piping for wires.


Another crawl space “snake” ready to bite…:wink:

Could be one of those " scuttle " is too small to bring in conduit at any sizeable lengths so lets go with quick and dirty… Crawls spaces are considered damp / wet areas so there is another factor in connectors and boxes… Maybe the rodents like insulator to eat too…:smiley:

I am sure you going to see some posts from Paul A. and Joe T. on this one

I prefer the armored cable on the soil rusty kind of thing…:smiley:

What’s in the junction box, or is it a switch box? :slight_smile:

Where do the taped up wires go? :eek:

Wires going to outdoor building from box, and to the panel on the other end.

Well OK then, they were run on the top of the grass and run across the driveway and in through the doorway right, well gee I feel sooo much better now!

Nothing wrong when you report all of the great stuff the $#@^&* did!

Seriously, you wanted to look the other way?

Had a couple from today, thought I would share.






Two different houses.