No report software

I only spend about 45 minutes organizing the report after the 3 hours at the home inspecting.

If you want to control your pictures from flying all over the place in word try pasting them into tables, they will stay put. You can format the table (cell) borders so they are invisible.

That is how we do it.

I have not used MS word for about 13 years now, Libre Office is free, and does pretty much everything MSOffice does, WP, a spreadsheet, drawing package, math package and an SQL database. It is An open source project. It can will export as pdf (the final client copy) as well as open and save MS word .doc excel, html, you name it. Available for Windows Mac and Linux. Easy to learn if you are competent in word. Open Office is another, identical to Libre Office as far as I can tell, but owned by the Apache project. These two are especially useful if you switch between Linux and Windows.

We use Word created and dialed in by us over the last 15 or so years. It is very easy for the client to read, and I can put whatever I want in the report. What I would like to do next is create a report with short video clips instead of pictures (for certain problems) accessed on cloud storage by the client.

Does anyone know of a software system for a small company where I can get add on licenses or programs/apps for employees. I looked at 3D and HIP. I would prefer a mobile app and a scaled down pc version. Don’t want to but full scale versions for employee inspectors when they only need half of it.

Dom at HIP has been great but there are a few things I want that they don’t have

Wow, old thread!

Garrett, what is it that you want that we don’t have? We definitely have an awesome mobile app and PC/Mac version. Your employees can only use mobile and send you the reports to generate if you want. Or you can do team inspections and merge. Or use the HIP Draft feature to lock inspectors into being able to generate reports but not use it for moonlighting.

Hey Garett,

Coincidentally Spectacular has team member licenses for half price. Spectacular is the best mobile inspection software available for iPad, iPhone, Android 6+ or Windows 10 and is the only program that allows you to generate and send PDF reports from your mobile device or desktop computer.

This is how I feel about it also. Why do you have to have a proprietary report program? When I was a contractor I used existing contracts and made sure my scope of work clearly defined and communicated to the clients what they were getting and what they weren’t. Took me a few hours but saved many more hours down the road. As a 203K consultant the biggest problems I see when I get someones paperwork is vague descriptions and bad communications.

I do my home inspection reports and always have a summary and people including agents tell me they like my summary. Other guys on this form say summaries are a waste of time. I’d say buy a report program and tweak it a little but as Stephan says his time is worth so much an hour then that’s what your homemade program cost is.

That is an outrageous lie!

If you are going to lie to inspectors, perhaps you should consider telling lies that are not so easy to refute.

We have had that capability since long before the company you mentioned came along. I suspect that most, if not all, inspection software companies have software that will perform such a basic task.

In 1999, when we published the industry’s first PDF home inspection report, very few people in the real estate world, including home inspectors, knew what a PDF was. By that time, we have already been producing PDF reports for construction, project management, manufacturing, and environmental services for six years.

Hey George,

Yes, Spectacular is the only software that allows inspectors to generate and view the PDF online and offline, onsite and offsite on an Apple, Android or Windows computer because all the PDF generating is done on the computer. We do not make you connect to a cloud service to get the report. Many inspectors using iPad or Android tablets do not have an Internet connection in the field and need to show the client the report or a preview of the report after the inspection.

Honestly, it’s not a basic task… Hope this helps…

I srarted out with spectora. It makes the report writing much easier.

Good for you but Spectora didn’t exist until years after this thread was started.