No return ductwork

Found at this morning’s inspection. Olsen oil fired furnace model HML-80C manufactured in 2007. No return air ductwork; air filter attached directly to side wall of blower housing. I have reviewed installation literature for this model and find no specific requirement for return air ducts. My concerns are possibility of drawing combustion air with suction air so close to burner. Also concerns about static pressure requirements for air flow. Looking for an answer from the HVAC experts on the forum. (Charley B feel free to comment)




Never seen that before!
Filter is installed backwards I think.

Thomas, I actually never looked at filter as I was focusing on the ductwork…or lack thereof

I see this occasionally. It’s usually installed in a closet being used a plenum with louvered doors. I don’t comment on HVAC designs so as long as its not a furnace, and the return air isn’t coming from any of the prohibited sources, I don’t report anything.

Is that a furnace?

Mark in my area that would not be legal can not have a return air within 10 feet of a appliance that produces carbon monoxide. I believe your a bit under the 10 feet;-)

Yes Juan it is a furnace.

Did you edit your first post or did I completely skip over the part where you clearly described a furnace?

Juan, I think maybe you were just reading too quickly…I didn’t edit.