No roof underlayment

I inspected a manufactured home built in Georgia in 2000 and placed in north Florida (out of any high wind velocity zones).

There appears to be no underlayment under the architectural shingles.

Is it possible that it met code in 2000? I am having trouble researching Florida roofing codes from 2000.

I read the thread about this topic dated 2005 and there was debate about code vs warranty.

Don’t know about Florida but they do it in Canada all the time. Apparently the shingles can better withstand hail without underlayment.

We had no State-wide building code in 2000. We had many local jurisdictions that adopted and enforced variations of what would eventually become the 2001 FBC. That took effect 3/1/2002.

If this home is a manufactured home (or mobile home, a term used prior to 1976), it isn’t built to the local standard, it’s built to the HUD standard. (That’s not the same a modular home, which are built to the local standards).

Most jurisdictions required an underlayment before the FBC took effect, and they certainly require it now.


Not familiar with any manufacturer that will warrant without underlayment. Go to the Sweets Catalogue and check the data sheet.

Thank you for the information

A 13 year old manufactured home’s roof is almost done about now anyway, since they typically install the thinnest shingles made, and are allowed to install shingles that aren’t rated for our State if sold through other channels.