No sheathing under new shingles...

I checked out a roof from the edge (on ladder) and was told it was recently “redone”… I saw one area that looked like a slight depression, or sink. When I went into the garage later, the ceiling was exposed in the area where the sink was and I clearly could see that they had shingled over a hole in the sheathing. If I had walked on that, I would have put my foot through causing both roof damage and possibly an injury to me. I am becoming more and more reluctant to walk on roofs these days. Anyone know the legal ramifications of this situation?

You are performing an inspection intended to discover such problems, so inspect from the attic first. If the attic is sealed, you may possibly have a case against the homeowner, but don’t hold your breath.

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Spiderman:D;-) If you can see the indent why would you step on it:shock:

If you fell through and were injured the homeowner and their contractor might have some liability, you should not be liable for failure of an improperly installed roof. Assuming that you were working within the realm of normal, accepted practices. Walking on a composition roof during an inspection would be a normal activity. Though blithely stepping in the middle of a visible depression would not be normal prudence, IMO.

Hmmm… I saw THIS indent. However, the other ones that I didnt see…they were not seen…so I may have been tempted to walk on them.

“If sheathing has holes in the forest and there’s no one there to see it…can you still fall through?”

Hmmm… this particular depression was only visible to me based on the viewing angle on ladder at roof edge - a very low angle. I suspect that under foot, the depression might have been much less visible.

The contractor and home owner would be liable in my opinion. They were negligent on so many levels.

IMHO the prudent inspector checks the the attic first…many i look at have voids in the sheathing…let the stomper beware…

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IMHO the prudent inspector checks the the attic first…many i look at have voids in the sheathing…**let the stomper beware…/**QUOTE]

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Well, I fit in as Charley and do my roof very first thing. Go up the ladder and eyeball the plane first, then I walk like a butterfly. ;):mrgreen:

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