No this can't be ok, or is it?

Power from house to garage. Looks like #12 wire. I see the strand and think the utilities may have done this but still it don’t look right. Isn’t there a better way?

Mast wiring.jpg

As long as this is just one circuit, which it looks like, it is fine. About the only thing I can see is that THHN/THWN is not sunnlight resistant, although this is a technical violation often not considered by inspectors since there is not much else you can do.

Thanks Speedy, that was one of my concerns. It is just one circuit. I thought the #12 wire might degrade without a protective UV sheath of some type.

We can buy tri-plex here for overhead feeding like this.

Edit because I can’t read worth *&%#!

I think he said he CAN buy it Speedy…:wink:

The only problem I might have other than the conductors as speedy mentioned is the connection at the top…sure seems like it is leaning and well…fine today I guess but snap a picture in a few years and lets see it…:wink:

I imagine in the wind those smaller conductors will just WHIP around against that poll…lol…I smell a short…:slight_smile:

Todays THHN and THWN is considered sunlight resistant, you can find that info in the UL Marking Guide or the UL White Book.