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Often, even the local code inspectors are negligent in calling out defects, especially if it’s a larger builder.

Who is in your head?

New homes are inspected much less frequently so I would curtail the blame game in this particular aspect. You are right about how the deficiencies propagate through specific builders. The human condition.

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THAT is an interesting, if unanswerable, question !

The most often heard contractor phrase:
No one else makes me do that, so why do I have to …

Municipalities typically do not have the staff to inspect every detail of every build. Most Building Code Inspectors will have their pet peeves that they always check and not every new home buyer employs a Home Inspector leaving most builders to self police.

From the thread:
"Oh, Well. Good enough for who it is for ":grinning:
“Can’t see it from my house.”

Some home inspectors seem to confess their part in it, and even gloat about homebuyers’ misfortune.

I see that you can’t appreciate a little humor to lighten things up…


Of the three groups that you’ve identified in this thread, the professional Home Inspector is the least culpable by far.

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Depends on whose “nice” list the Home Inspector is on: the Realtors; or Santa Claus.

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I definitely share in your frustration here. I was speaking with a listing agent yesterday who described a competitor as “overqualified” for calling out PB plumbing on one of her other listings. They prefer under qualified inspectors.


Yep. There seems to be a big push- even within InterNACHI- to fill the streets with as many home inspectors as possible who have no experience whatsoever in construction or real estate.

Now I feel like you’re just trying to sow discord as usual.

And you’re being two-faced, like so many others.

It’s a public forum. Left alone, a typical reader might not recognize it as facetious humor. And those who have been burned by a home inspector would see it as a true confession.

Mr Williams Would You like to tell us of all Your years of experience in the construction trades and home inspection industry…It is becoming obvious that You know much more than the mere mortals that frequent this message board…please enlighten us Sir…


No, thanks. I save my resume" for my customers. You seem to have a selective reading disability, so I would be wasting my time.

Two constants of a typical human: greed & selfishness.

More moree moreee me mee meee

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Said the mind reader… :roll_eyes:

Myself, I would give people more credit than that.

Maybe it is projection that you speak of?


That’s one reason I don’t reply or comment on his posts.

I typically bring to light topics which are most often ignored by other members in this forum. The growing control of the home inspection industry by realtors and homebuilders associations, among others, is perhaps the most important threat to the independence of a free market where home inspectors can enjoy more rewards and recognition for their efforts to rise above mediocrity and corruption.