No vent stack

Home built in ‘47.
Has a cesspool with a 4’ pvc vent on top of it.
No vent stack in the house. There was an original bathroom in the basement that is now “decommissioned”; all drains go into the slab. The new plumbing depends on AAV’s.
I called all this out. But my question is, how did the original bathroom ever work with no vent? I don’t know if the cesspool had an original vent before the pvc, but still, what difference does that make?

Anyone run into this before?


A cesspool? Was the house in Mexico? Do you mean septic tank?

Middle Ages Hygiene - Garderobes or Privies
There were many lavatories, called garderobes or privies, included in large Medieval buildings such as castles, monasteries and convents. The Garderobes or Privy chambers were positioned as far away from the interior chambers as practical and often had double doors added to reduce the smell! Chutes were provided for the discharge which often led to the castle moat. Privy seats were made of wood or stone.

Nope, cesspool. It just leeches out of the tank. Common in these parts.