No water, just foam?

I’m stumped on this one. A person I know is having a problem with their plumbing and emailed me some pictures. As you can see from the pic he has foam coming out of the floor under the toilet. He said the toilet sits tight to the wall and we know the wax ring seal is broken. There’s no water, just foam. He’s been in the house for awhile and this is the second or third time this has happened. The house is on a slab. There is a second floor bathroom directly above this one. The laundry room is on the other side of the house (maybe an addition, not sure) that is discharged by a injector pump. I believe this happened when doing the laundry. If water was with the foam than I would say the system was clog and needed to be snaked. He’s going to replace the wax ring and re-seat the toilet. Has anyone seen this before? Why just foam? Thank for any insight.



It looks like someone is using too much soap to me. Even though the water will drain, foam does no flow as freely.

do they drink a lot of beer?

Gary, thats what I thought at first but would the suds rise that much to have it come out the seal? If water was with it than ok, it’s clogged.

james, no voldka. lol

Yes it can if the seal is broken between flange and toilet, since there is no P-trap to prevent it. Once the piping gets filled with soapy foam it just doesn’t seem to flow very well and can find its way out. In this case it’s the toilet. Recommend replacing wax ring and ease up on the amount of soap used and or type of soap used.

Gary thanks for your help. I found out late yesterday that the wife changed their laundry detergant and he said “Oh yea, there was this smell”. So much for giving me all the details in the begining. 'The new stuff foams up alot". You were right on the money. I didnt think foam would come out with out water.