No water meter was noted?

No water meter was noted on my last inspection. Is this starting to become the norm? I know they can read it remotely.

I did check the front yard and road. No sign of a meter vault. Could be buried or paved over.


Yes, at least here for the last 15~ years… the reason being is the water companies no longer wish to be responsible for any issues that occur inside the building. Yes, the meter vaults sometimes do get paved over or overgrown/burried. It is not our job to locate them, just the main shut off inside.

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Is that a condo? I’ve seen the water meter in the last unit of a block of four units.

Some jurisdictions in my area have decided to remove or never install water meters and simply bill every customer a flat rate for water usage. Might check with your client’s neighbors to see if this is the case in your area.

Thanks everybody.

It was a house FYI

In my area I just have not seen this yet, but knew sooner than later it might happen.

Here is another possibility (or two). One is that there actually is a private well, not municipal water. Just because a home is in a “populated” area, do not assume there is a municipal water supply. Two: some municipal water companies have a different billing method, as was historically done since my village first established a “municipal water service”. The billing was based on the number of bedrooms. That provided an occupancy load. Assuming 2 people per bedroom times the “average gallons used per person per day”. They then counted the number of exterior hose connections. They had an “average yearly usage” for an exterior connection - watering the garden, washing cars, etc. For them it worked quite well. We did not get meters until the village established a municipal sewage system for the business district and homes along Main Street. The meters are all remotely read for billing purposes by the water department.