No wonder he hasn't sold a home yet

Did an inspection last week where the realtor was a newbie, has been in the business about 9 months. This is a $450,000 townhome, the realtor has never seen a inspection and asked if he could follow me as I did my inspection. I said yes, big mistake all he did is tell me about himself and how hard he’s finding the business. Not to mention he had no clue what I was doing and managed to add 45 minutes to the inspection.

The home was new, and was briefly occupied, there were a few issues but nothing major that wouldn’t be covered by the existing 12 month builder warranty. The client called me concerned about a wall in the basement that I mentioned couldn’t be examined due to insulation glued on it. Today the idiot realtor called in a panic because the buyer wants to back out of the deal because the seller refuses to remove the insulation so it can be examined. The realtor asked me if I could go in and tear down the insulation so he won’t lose the sale. Obviously I told him no I don’t do that and he’d have to tell the seller the deal is going away unless he can satisify the buyers wishes. His comment was OH, do you think the seller will allow us to take the insulation down. I said don’t include me in us. I don’t take down insulation to save deals. And if I have to go back to look at the wall I’m not doing it gratis, someone has to pay for my time.

His last question was do you think I should do ? I said look for another buyer.

He will learn

Sounds to me like you two met at the best possible time.

I love new agents!

Some new agents become old hi turnover agents.
Never look a possible gift horse etc…

I would make a special effort to go speak with this agent in person on** his turf.

Educate the agent and reap the rewards!

Many thanks RR**:smiley:

Unfortunately this poor guy has had more vocations then you can believe, he’ll never make it as a realtor. He got divorced and just got out of rehab, I didn’t ask which kind. I have a friend that knows him, she said he’s had a tough life brought on by himself.

Well, we all started someware;)

This is your chance to educate him and ounce(intended) you do…

I love new agents . Some make it big and If they love you now love you forever. I worked with a new lady last year thought she would never make it . Done 5 homes in last 4 weeks with her.
Roy Sr.

I did an inspection around 2.5 years ago.It was the 19 year old agents first and it was within my 100th. I did not consider this small fact when speaking with her. The home fell through as it was a piece of crap. So, I went to her office and had a little chat with her about what I do and what she may expect from me. She called me a deal killer! LOL

Long story short, whenever she get’s the chance to pick a HI, she picks me. He may be a rehab patient as am I, but it is always worth your time to educate a new agent!:cool:

again it is JMO

and then they went to dinner.

You my friend are an ***!

You have used my story again and again. Have you nothing better to do?

This is a very important subject when it comes to marketing , and that’s all you have to say!

Hey I like open conversation, but if…

If it’s important to you ? I have ****ed 3 agents in 3 years.
I have also paid the price. Now will you shut up about it?

Sorry Todd. I still love ya.

Maybe you should try and help instead of being a wise *** all the time.

Just a thought.