No wonder they foreclosed!

Aside from green and white, not much color way up high in the Rockies during the winter. Here’s what they did to make up for it…

There is no accounting for taste. :vomit:

. . . maybe . . . color blind? :mrgreen: . . . sure would wake me up in the morning.

Very bad taste in colors.

Sure laugh it up! My wife is trying to talk me into painting our bedroom purple!
Please let her be busting my chops, oh please! :freaked-:

I love houses like that. I identify rooms in my report by distingishing features. I find it easier for the client to recall which room I am refering to rather than using compass headings. So I would say “In the purple room… , In the blue room…”

Wow…Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory survives! :slight_smile:

That’s what I do whenever possible. In the butterfly room. In the sky room. Etc. Otherwise I just number the bedrooms and bathrooms clockwise from the front entrance.

I did one a couple of years ago where every single wall was a different color or shade of the same color. The largest wall in any one room was a dark shade, and then all other walls, including ceilings, in that room were different shades of the main dark color. I thought it was very tastefully done for what it was, but I could never have lived in something like that.

Love the reference!

It looks like someone took a box of crayons and drew them randomly to determine what color each room would be. That, or they were on a bad acid trip when they went to Home Depot/Lowes. Otherwise, its too obnoxious to have been done on purpose. :shock::shock::freaked-::vomit:

You guys are being waaaay too critical. The person who owned that house may have liked those crazy colors. It that is the worst that is wrong with the house, it could be a great buy for someone. I dont think it is right to judge someone because have some different tastes than we have (unless of course they can cause harm to someone).

We’re not being critical, we’re being funny. My report does not identify colors of rooms.

Obviously…Or they wouldn’t have applied such beaming colors.

Absolutely…I agree. But there’s no way that that is the worst case with this particular house.

We are simply stating our opinions and having fun with the CRAYOLA house. This is not normal to see such lustrous colors in a typical home.

Nothing unusual, expect for the door, if one were in the Caribbean. Were the owners of Caribbean descent?

This is the one case in which the term “people of color” is accurate.