No ****

At least that does not seem to be the problem. Appears to be baby wipes. At least a ton of them. Does anybody have a clue as to how to dissolve or remove. So thick they can not be pump. Actually so thick it appeared to be solid ground and yes it would support someone. Had to take a spud bar to break loose. Any suggestions for the sellers.:twisted: I am talking about the amount of solids found in a septic tank after inspection.

Thanks for any help;-)

What the heck are you talking about ??


Sounds like a load of c–p if you ask me.

Isn’t it a bit early for Miller Time?

Yeah, yeah, spud bar is the best move…or did you mean a spud wrench, like an Iron Worker would use?:roll::roll::shock:

Are you talking about in a septic system?

Or maybe a potato field ???

I’m glad you clarified because that was my first question.

wouldn’t touch it with a 10’ spud bar

its a sleever bar or a spud wrench, not spud bar

I just went thru a colonoscopy :oops: and your client might have as well. I HIGHLY recommend the flushables. They saved my hide and I didn’t need any tools afterwards.:mrgreen:

Setic inspection. Tank full of solids including a lot of baby wipes that were use instead of toilet paper. Have any useful suggestions?

Strap yer boots real tight!? :wink: No, I have no advice on this, what a $hi^^y situation.

Recommend regular pumping and not putting anything down the drain that isn’t toilet paper, or hasn’t been passed through a body first. If what is there won’t pump out, recommend that they get a quote for repair and possible replacement of tank. The sellers messed up. They should have known better than to flush other stuff.

Do any of you have an intelligent response or is this a picture of the true mentality of Inter NACHI home inspectors? It is no wonder why most people have a hard time seeing the value of the home inspection industry. :frowning:

I agree. But this is after the effect and after educating them I would like to be able to also make suggestions as how to remedy the current situation. Thanks for your response. At least it was not the usual childish remarks made on this site.


Your original post was somewhat confusing especially since it was lacking a photo.

There are many helpful inspectors here but they need something clear to work with.

We don’t all have magic decoder rings.:wink:

I had no idea what you were even referring to in your original post. You didn’t say anything about a septic tank or system. Your title doesn’t help either. Post a serious post and you’ll get a serious answer.

Hey Mr. Grover,
Try going down to the ancillary services and additional topics section. It looks like septic is listed under that area, you might have better luck down there. Good luck and hope you find what you’re looking for, take this message board with a grain of salt sometimes, we’re all Comodians on here.
T.J. :mrgreen:

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I guess if I did a septic inspection and discovered this situation I would recommend repair by the proper septic authority, such as a pumping service, that can come out and look at it and decide the best course of action. The seller made the mess, now they may have to pay to fix the mess. Make a recommendation of repair and move on.