Noah's waterproofing and Mr Sterling, a POOL guy

2:15 He says, “I didn’t learn this business digging. I learned it from a MARKETING point of view” lool <- Noah gives you the low down on waterproofing

Then all due respect Sterling but, you NEVER learned this business!! Duh.

He actually says… ‘learnt it’, yeah, l e a r n T… loool, whatever.

You learned… marketing… at best. (don’t TINK so though eh)

—CAPTION under video says in part, “To AVOID or prevent expensive waterproofing and UNNECESSARY DIGGING”

wow, ok sir, have it your way, your marketing way.

3:15 a 10 year old laying drain tiles, a pool guy, an engineer huh, sure ok

6:20 burlap filter… lol

He says, the drain tiles are tantamount lol to keeping your basement dry.


Hey Sterling, so cracks in basement walls or cracked parging or no parging or rod holes have nothing to do with leaky basement huh, its ALL about the exterior drain tiles eh? “I didn’t learn this digging, I learned it from a marketing point of view”… enough said, plenty!!

What about backfilling Sterling, not important either? They backfilled with all the same crap soil, plus often bricks, blocks and other debris…NOT important huh? Just the exterior drain tiles are important huh? Incompetent, glaringly!!!

7:50 'Then the MARKET went to black plastic drain tiles… looolollll

9:00 – 9:15 lool, Sterling… there has to be cracks, cracked parging, no parging applied etc etc for water to GET THROUGH, hello??? Is there ANYBODY in there? Is there anyone HOME?

Let me back up, Sterling aka Noah’s Ark err waterproofing says he (ahhhhem!!!) learned this business from a …marketing point of view.

I’ll say again, all due respect Mr Sterl’s but YOU sir haven’t LEARNED much about this business, got dat?

UNNECESSARY digging/waterproofing… un—be—lievable! Incompetent, total incompetence, NEGLIGENT and keep adding cuz all those kinds of words apply here!!!

STERLING, 10 minute video and you said/wrote you were going to give everybody the LOW DOWN about basic waterproofing and, I haven’t heard a dang thing expect for for rookie bs about DRAIN TILES. You never gave any FACTS about waterproofing… duh, on exterior cracks, parging, rod holes etc etc… never said squat about what to apply on a wall, on cracks etc, never said anything about how to/what to BACKFILL with etc, loool

Sterling, your likely a good ole boy, good POOL guy etc, good friend and father etc etc… BUTT, you don’t know much on THIS subject.

Ok so according to STERLING and other interior system dweebs… leaky basements like the one in these photos/link can be fixed by either JUST replacing the exterior drain tiles OR by installing drain tiles on the inside… in other words, don’t worry about and don’t repair/waterproof the exterior cracks and it’s fine to allow that water to continue to enter click any photo to enlarge the photo

Bowed wall Sterling, deteriorating blocks Sterling, multiple exterior cracks and other openings allowing water in Sterling… UNNECESSARY and expensive digging huh? It cost $3,200… an interior system would have cost MORE, the homeowner got other estimates and THEY, like you, told the homeowner he didn’t need exterior waterproofing, wow! looollll …Sterling ole bubby ole pal, so YOU could have installed some interior drain tiles and this/many other basements would be fine huh? Or, according to you, I could have replaced all the exterior drain tiles and NOT waterproofed anything and backfill with all the same clay soil and they would be fine huh, leak free eh???

Sterling, lool, an INTERIOR system was installed here, cost over $15,000… they continue to leak, more mold and efflorescence Sterling!!

Sterling, one of many homeowners who got estimates from interior system companies like NOAH’s, you said exterior waterproofing/digging is EXPENSIVE and UNNESSARY… The homeowner says the INTERIOR system est’s were $15,000 and $27,000 versus what we did on the outside for $1,300… WHAT was expensive and UNNECESSARY STERLING???

Sterling… loooooooooool, interior system installed here, mucho thousands… a lot… homeowners are still leaking Sterling. They have the same problems Sterling… they even put in some pilasters Sterling… now what Sterling? lol

How about this leaky basement Sterling… B Dry installed their stuff here… still leaking
Drain tiles eh Sterling? NO need for exterior waterproofing/digging huh?

Sterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrling, here’s another leaky basement, homeowner had another interior basement system installed… you know… NEW DRAIN TILES, now what Sterling???

SttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttterllllllllllllLLLLLLLLLLLLLLing SIR, Mr waterproofing SIR, what about this leaking basement? Another interior basement system previously installed, still leaking man! lool NEW DRAIN TILES Sterling… ummm what happened?
Oh, duh, Sterling you may want to eyeball the EXTERIOR cracks 3:15 vertical and horizontal cracks on the outside of the block wall which IS where ALL the water first gets into the hollow blocks, causes mold, efflorescence on inside blocks Sterling… but you say exterior waterproofing/digging is unnecessary, costly… all they need are DRAIN TILES… drain tiles, drain tiles, drain tiles…looollllll, incompetent, negligent, ignorant bs baby

Sterling says, all you need are drain tiles… drain tiles, drain tiles… its all about drain tiles

Beatles, All you need are drain tiles… errrr, is love

Three’s Company, Chrissy moments, undress? (got milk?)

Ok so umm, what did ya learn from Noah/Sterling’s video, their low down on basement waterproofing?

Some may have learned Sterling apparently laid drain tiles when he was 10 yrs old and that if the drain tiles are free 'n clear… a tennis ball will go through them, got dat? Got milk?

Noah’s fresh new video on weeping tile…

Mr Sterling, all due respect… have a question FER ya since you say you were in duh POOL business and you like drain tiles so much… IF a pool sprung a leak, what would you do?

Would you install interior and–or exterior drain tiles?
You think drain tiles would SOLVE duh leaky pool?

By the way, that black perforated drain tile (sock or no stinky sock) is CHEAP, lightweight garbage and can be CRUSHED by the weight of backfill on top of it, even a manufacturer of that drain tiles says so… clay or pvc is much better, stronger, thicker and can withstand the weight of backfill on top of it… ok?

Noah talks more drain tile talk, loooooooloololLLLLLL!!! Really need to go back into POOLZ man.

1:35… “Once they’re all flushed out (drain tiles), that’s THE END of your problem (Water in basement) without digging up around the entire house”

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, and a few here think I’m screwed up huh? loooollololllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Misinformation, FALSE CLAIMS, misrepresentation on most leaky basements, yep!!! Call him and tell him I said so, as there is at least 1 HI nuthead up in Canada who prolly will, GO AHEAD!!!

Hey Stttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttterling, my hero… listen and look man,
short video, exterior drain tiles are fine!!! So Sterling, what was the homeowners actual problem and only solution to their leaky basement???

If somebody doesn’t understand what the hll I am saying and KNOW, lemmmmeeee tell ya, this guy is actually saying he or I or whoever COULD have flushed these drain tiles and the homeowner would not have leaked again!!@!$!@!@! Leave the crack etc OPEN and just ‘flush’ the drain tiles, looooll, that were… fine! And some HI’s right here wonder WHY i friggin post and biaaatch??? HHHHahhhahahhahahahhahaaa

There are some VERY SCARY people who claim to be experts on this subject and have pretty much no idea wtf they’re doing or talking about, incompetent.

Sterling, how many shall I post? Look at the drain tiles here photos 15, 16… a–ok man… so what was the problem, how was water getting into the basement Sterling and what was the only solution to STOP the water from getting in? jezzzzus krristams. BACK to the POOLZ Sterling, please!!!

Sterling, look at the drain tiles here photos 10, 11… a—ok again buddy so, what was the problem and solution sir?

Anyone having this guy come over to give them an estimate better read the FINE PRINT closely and understand it.

God to Noah… stop smoking duh green!!!

here’s Noah, not of duh ARK but of incompetence of this subject. 'JET FLUSH"…more like toilet flush.
Quuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuestion FER ya, do you SEE what he does in this video? HUH? loooolll

What does THAT… what he does in his video have to do with anything like this…in this video? HUH? loooll what a crock of **** baby!

He can run that snake aka flllllllllllsuh 24/7, when there are exterior cracks (as in my damn videos spanning 39 yrs) or cracked parging or no parging or rod holes or openings/crevices around/under basement windows, doors etc etc his stupid flush doesn’t do didddddddddddddddley in waterproofing any cracks or other openings where the stuuuupid water is allowd to get in, wake UP plz.

These basements will still leak if you listen to guys like this, you NEED to identify/find the actual problem(s) and then… FIX IT correctly and running a snake aka FLLLLUSH doesn’t do that!! sheeeshhhhhhhhus

Go back to the pool business plz Mr Noah

Should start a series called, KNOTHEADS in basement waterproofing

Noah aka Sterrrrrrrrling, said, ‘all you need are drain tiles, it’s ALL about the drain tiles’.

NOW… in this video, lol, he slaps junk on interior block walls

Nooooooah sir, first you said it was all about drain tiles and so ummmmm, why are ya now slapping GOO on block walls? Just asking.