Nominations for Best Defect Picture for October

Submitt your best Defect Pictures here for October. :slight_smile:

Attic insulation and ventilation

Gotta Stop those drafts!!

[ATTACH]59204[/ATTACH A little insulation in these ridge vents should do the trick!

And to make matters worse…

Thanks Juan. :slight_smile:

I got two submissions from last month.

This one is not actually a picture but a good defect just the same. Click the image for the video.

Here is my second submission. Let’s see who knows what it is… (NACBI folks please refrain) It was a REALLY big deal for my client.

One big party on this deck and down it goes. Client does not know why there are concerns.

Handyman special on the bathroom exhaust. Just cut into the nearest wire, and wire the flex vent to a collar tie. No problem!:shock:

Garden hose being used for a gas line :shock:

Well, there is a smoke detector should anything happen.

Man, you are picky. ;):slight_smile:

additional Attic insulation installed …

Water flue vent connected to transite duct then passing through HVAC return air. :shock:

This box is loose, but theres an extension cord hooked up to the imporperly mounted light fixture, it gets better as the extension cord (permenant use) is looped over the plumbing vent stack, and draped over the roof into the back yard…


I wish there was a contest for whole house defects! This home would be a contender. The wiring in this house was a major safety hazard. This is only one of many locations. Basically the switch going up from the receptacle turns off the receptacle itself. The hallway light is plugged into that receptacle, goes through the wall and the connections put together with electrical tape. The switch at the bedroom light turns off the light. The wiring is all knob and tube but the knobs and tubes are missing in this area of the home. The buyer was told that the box and wiring was new. The panel and about 5 feet of each wire was new, then spliced together with marrettes into the K & T with no junction boxes.

Gotta love D.I.Y.ers. Here’s the solution for when you forget to vent the waste line on an added bathroom in the garage. Not to mention it’s venting into the attic.

And it did actually work.

Can’t see this from the ground!!!

I don’t see the problem. The cricket and proper flashings are all in place. :wink:

My inspection yesterday. Goes into the main drain. Need I say more.:mrgreen:


I guess the installer missed the angle cutting class… LOL

Too bad I didn’t have my respirator on when I opened this toilet tank!
Obviously who ever did the winterization of this home did not bother to drain the tank. Yummy! :stuck_out_tongue:

They where lucky the tank did not break

Great pictures Glad to see them . Please keep semding them in .
Marcel is away to Florida Back in about ten days . Thanks to alll… Roy