Nominations for Best Defect Pictures for Feburary

I sure wasn’t trying to pick on anybody I’ll sure be glad to vote for that HW tank picture when the proper category comes up, it is a great picture for sure…I just didn’t see a fireplace, chimney or water intrusion involved…

Thanks James this is all new to us too . We are still learning as we go .
Constructive and Instructive criticism is always welcome .

Agreed Roy. Any comments are welcome to make this better. :slight_smile:

But the category is INTERIORS… not fireplace, chimney or water intrusion… EXCLUSIVELY. In my opinion, the converted attic space is no longer considered an attic, legal or not. It is now a bedroom, or interior room, but only the inspector can decide that as we only have the one view in the pic.

Great go and take the fun out of it. LOL.

How about a different angle of the same Hot Water Heater. This one in the interior of a hall closet:

Now I’m really in trouble. I posted more than one picture. Disqualified.
Have a great evening guys!

David… I’m still shaking my head wondering… WHY ??? :shock::roll::wink:

Can you imagine what my reaction was when I opened the door and looked in then up and I am still laughing about it.

Of course I didn’t laugh in front of my clients. I always try to be professional but sometimes you just want to ask people why they want to buy this house.

guy apparently didn’t like bending over to light the Pilot…

Here is another of those I wonder why Enjoy… Roy
Too Old a picture to enter

Tired Tank.jpg

Thank God it was electric!:shock:

well that changes things a bit…

David, may I ask which you inspect first on a home inspection, Attic or the Interior?


Exterior, Interior, mechanical, Crawl then Attic.

David, in view of the picture of the closet you posted and a picture of the water heater sticking half in the attic, this would make one wonder where the other half was.
So this would be an exception where two pictures are required to show the whole picture.
We will accept the attic picture along with the closet view to run in the poll for this catagory, but will not be qualified to run in another catagory such as attic at a later time.

Good find on your part.

It will be entered with the others under interior catagory. :):smiley:

seen in older props that wanted to add dishwasher or washing machine hook up and placement
some genius came up with elevating the wh as the xtra space solution
i know someone local that owns a house exactly as depicted except the attic portion is in a chase and insulated

Unbelievable! :shock:

Thanks Marcel and everyone else.

I am sure that I will be able to provide other defects for the other catagories when the time comes. They present themselves all the time. :cool:

prolly not

this is interior, right?


Nope, not unless it is in the house. ;):slight_smile:

Nice pic though.

Is that thing still in Your Living room BA ?..