Nominations for December Best Defect Pictures

In order to make the December 10th deadline for all Awards, I am asking for Nominations for December at this time.

Please submit your best picture for the last month of the Year.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

This was the front deck/porch. I went around to the back to enter…the home owner said it was safe though.:shock:

front deck.JPG

front deck.JPG

I told client looking to buy this property when we were looking at the stair and balcony structure that if this were a 60’s tv show and I were a robot I would have all my lights flashing and be saying Danger Will Robinson Danger! The upstairs tenant was using them!:roll: Talk about liability issues.

Very impresive footings!.jpg

Danger Will Robinson..jpg

Ledger nailed in and omg its live..jpg

Couple of issues with this setup. Downward slope of HWV into shared “Y” with furnace. Both gas shutoff handles removed.

Are cobwebs flammable? ;):slight_smile:

A multi-purpose coverplate…

Marcel, what is that abortion? Can you elaborate, never seen a mess like it yet. :slight_smile:

WTF? :shock: Get’s my vote for December!

Early on in the nominations with several strong contenders for the best defect already! This topic would make a great book.

Electric Shower Head. I love this picture.

Electric Shower Head. I love this picture.

Pic previously posted is refering to the flashing for the electrical mast on the left which is made from a junction box coverplate.

And I know where they got that coverplate from…


Service entry cable in contact with the roof.

That chimney don’t look to good either Pete. :wink:

I know, take your pick with those pictures.

I’ll be using your original submission.

Thanks for participating. :slight_smile:

Termite remediation…Remove rafter and collar ties. Add a couple of 2x4’s Wait for big wind and collect insurance. Oh you paid cash in that case I recommend further evaluation by a G.C. who specializes in residential framing.

Another pic of fleecing of our elders. This is the conduit from the condensing coil disconnect within the crawlspace. The condensing coil is just to the right of the photo and the main panel just to the left (on the outside of course) with the conduit being spliced outside of a junction box. Why not just run a new line???..Oh I know…Cuz grandma is not ever going into the crawlspace to see it. The buyers (Grandkids) are buying the home and were shocked at some of the not so great upgrades that had been done by licensed contractors.

Hey Marcel was the top metal part that is caulked to the mast flat like a junction box cover or did it have a bowl shape. In this area many of the older metal mast flashings look similar to that. They are made of two parts the lower being the roof flashing which has a bulb shape that sticks up from the roof with a hole for the mast. That is sealed to the roof deck and it may have an oversize hole. The upper part, the bowl shape part that is caulked to the mast fits it very closely, is slid down to form the counter flashing then caulked to the mast only. Newer ones use the one piece flashing with the rubber slip fit boot but I find some older ones are two piece.