Non broker MLS listing

Anyone have any experiance with selling this way? I know it’s verbotten to our Agents. But really it seems like a pretty easy way to save 10-20 grand. It does get listed everywhere that matters. I was just wondering, I posed this same question a couple days ago & not a single comment. Does this indicate all inspectors are afraid of this subjet? I have been toying with marketing to FSBO types for pre-listing inspections for a while.

In a buyer’s market people are looking for deals. If your house is priced right and looks good it will sell wether or not it’s FSBO. Trouble is when people see you are selling FSBO they may be more prone to lowball you so be prepared for that.

Spend a few hundred and get a market appraisal from a trusted appraiser.

Far be it from me to give real estate advice, but what the heck. Here’s what happens in CA.

FSBO’s get little or no exposure from agents. Why? Simple. There is no incentive for them to show the property. If you are not offering at least 2% commission for an agent to bring a buyer, it ain’t happenin’.

What does that really mean? It’s likely you’ll be forced to lower you asking price well below the 6% that would be commissioned to the agents.

Did that, way below that. We’ll see.

Jeff, shame, not how FSBO works. Still pay the buyer’s agent. offer the buyer’s agent more, more attractive for them. still, the listing agent fee of 2.5-3% saved.

How do you get listed on the local MLS? I’m just asking…I really don’t know.

pay $300-400 to a flat fee broker found on the internet. They set you up with a licensed agent in your area, usually a mortgage broker or escrow officer who gets paid to submit to the MLS/RMLS. That’s about it. You have to fill out the forms the Realtor normally fills out, it might take you 1/2 an hour where they could do it in 10 minutes. That’s it. It’s out there, nationally, just like it would be other wise. You can pay someone to come in & take pictures and do a virtual tour if you want but, most of us have a camera…

I’m giving you my experience based on how I’ve seen things work out here in CA. You would be hard-pressed to find any broker (in CA) to list your home in the MLS for $300 or $400.

Discount brokerages charge $5k to$10k for that service, and that’s all they do - no help with paperwork, no open houses, nothing.

FSBO, to me, means “for sale by owner.” If you’re paying a broker to list your home in the MLS, is it still considered FSBO, or FSBO and a discount broker?

Actually, there are a number of folks who will list your home in the MLS for a flat fee ranging from $500 to $1000… They won’t help you with anything else, just list you in the MLS.

Several agents I deal with, complain they do all the paper work, meeting the appraiser, inspectors, deal with escrow, etc… when they sell one of these low cost listings.

We have a great idea for all of you!

How about you cut all YOUR Inspection fees and/or bidd your services to the lowest bidder (prostitition)?

You are all quick to save a buck by “FSBO,” BUT the Buyers’ ALWAYS WIN and one-way-or-another, a commission is always paid.

Besides, the smart Seller nets approx. 15% higher we retaining the services of a Professional.

Listed my home in ky 2 1/2 years ago, $500.00 flat fee included mls listing and paperwork for closing. Was able to, in the contract to limit the buyers agent to 2%. Had agents calling the next day sold in 30 days. Saved thousands, will not do it any other way.:smiley: