I have read quite of lot of information about thermal imagers in this Forum, but most of these are related to FLIR, from FLIR One to T series.

So, how about other brands? Such as Fluke or Testo? Seems like they can be good as well and … with lower prices?

Here are the best deals on them:

Thank you Ben!

Actually, I do not always do thermal imaging ( I work for pest control industry and thus moisture issue is my primary concern), I may need to use thermal camera just 1-2 a week.

So I am considering to buy a second hand Fluke TiR 9Hz 160 x 120 or Testo.
Seems to be affordable price and the resolution, NETD can be sufficient.

Any other suggestion?

I have a Ti100 for sale.
Testo 870

Thanks for your info.
But Sorry that I bought Fluke already…:roll:

My IR students get even deeper discounts.