Non hip feature?

The rest of the roof geometry is hip, just need clarification on one thing. For the wind mitigation am I correct in thinking that this particular front porch would count as non hip features? Also if it does count as non hip, for the 10% calculation am I correct that what would count against it is what I have marked in red ?

Can’t make out what type of roof you’re talking about.
The diagram shows 10 ft so that would be less than 10%.

Photo makes it appear that the roof plane is the same as the roof above it, not a flat or low slope roof. Looks like a continuous surface that extends beyond the eave.

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@mgoldenberg @ddagostino
Thank you guys for the help I see what you both are saying and was able to figure it out. I have another one for you guys. This house has a shingle roof with a a permit date done in 2020. However it has a low slope roof with a permit date of 1999. The guy used a roof sealer with a FL approval number. Even though the roof permit is from 1999 (which would not give him the discount) would the fact that he used this roof sealer with an approved FBC product approval number qualify as A on question 2 on the wind mit form ?

My question above is for a different house than the OP

You’re mixing terms and standards.
An approved sealant is just that–a sealant or coating.
It wasn’t approved as an alternative to re-nailing the deck, replacing rotted wood, upgrading the flashings, or replacing the membrane if worn out.

If the roof was installed/permitted in 1999, then it needs to marked accordingly on the form.


Thanks @ddagostino which is what I did but now the client was calling upset and sent me all that information regarding the coating so it made me second guess myself. Thanks for the confirmation though.