Non I Beam OSB for finished loft area?

Antricia Luoma 026.JPG

The garage had these in the ceiling (floor for above storage area that the buyer would like to finish). never saw them as non I beam. I wonder what kind of load they can carry.

Antricia Luoma 026.JPG

I would imagine it would not carry much of a load if any. I would recommend that the client inquire to the manufacturer for live load characteristics.

Thanks Rob

It looks like rim board. If that’s what it is, I don’t think it has much structural value.

Thanks Frank. There is a bit of a load on in now with storage, but the buyer wanted to enclose this space and use it as extra living (office ect…) space. would also have to x drywall the ceilings below.

It is. Its called “Timberstrand” and should definitely not be used for that application.

They can be used as a joist and can carry a considerable load. See: