Non-intrusive inspection

Good morning all,

I have a dilemma / question. My wife recently lost her wedding ring at a restaurant. It was a new ring and we were about to take it in for re-sizing, but before that happened it managed to slip off of her finger and we believe it fell between a wall and a wall-mounted seat back.

My first response was to find out if any Home Inspectors in the Calgary, Alberta Canada area use small or micro borescopes and would be able to look non-intrusively. the owner is onboard with such an inspection. He is against unmounting the seat back from the concrete wall. It is not a cheap ring, about 2.5 - 3mm, and the crack we believe it fell down is not much wider. I bought an eBay special 5.5mm phone borescope (thinking I could save everyone some headache and DIY) but it will not fit in the crevice.

My options to look then would be some sort of small borescope, or any other tips / tricks of the trade someone might have to offer. I know it’s a weird request, but since I have had no success with the 2 inspectors I asked while I was visiting Calgary, I figured I would go outside the box and ask you all on the internet.

Thank you for any assistance and I appreciate your time!


You can try Milliscope II Fiber Optic Borescope – the scope can be as thin as 0.35 mm…that’s what we at yourhomeworkhelp are using to examine various electronic circuitry